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My Visions of Life
SoulSearching II

"To discuss is to communicate is to open open doors is the route to remembering who we truly are." Kim Larocque

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December Essay Part I
I must admit, while its not quite December yet, I have decided, with the encouragement of my two young children, to put up my Christmas tree.  Since the blues is already attempting to creep into my life, I had to come up with a strategy to keep my spirits in balance.


As discussed in my November essay, finding strategies to keep ones life in a state of equilibrium is a definite necessity.  One of my strategies was as simple as decorating my house, thus, yours can be getting a new haircut, or working on that long overdue project.  One of my favourite strategies is to tie up loose ends around the house, at work, or with friends and family. For example:  I was just counselling a friend of mine the other day, as she was feeling overwhelmed with the direction of her life.  After a long discussion, I advised her to finish up all the projects she has started around the house before even thinking of starting something new.  You see, this summer, she took it upon herself to redecorate her house.  Now the big jobs are all finished, yet touch ups and add-ons werent.  I think this was contributing to her stress and other blockages in her life.  So, this week she is almost finished tying up those loose ends.  Low and behold, new opportunities are popping into her life. The key is to find new ways to protect ourselves, instead depending on the old protection mechanisms we have in our subconscious. 


Consciously looking for healthy ways to keep the momentum flowing drastically raises self-esteem.  I for one, no longer feel like a victim of circumstance, and I know that I have the power to create the life I have always dreamed of.  In more ways than one, I have discovered the true meaning of my life and have helped others do the same by setting up the stage for my own success.


Living an authentic life does mean giving up certain things that drain energy.  Just as I gave up my unconscious protection mechanisms and switching to conscious ones, one must, at times, give up certain relationships that are not in alignment anymore with ones values.  For example, cutting out those friends whom do not support you in your endeavours, yet, it may be quitting that bad habit that constantly eats away at your spirit.  Whatever you decide to do, you must remain clear with your goals and find all the positive support that you need.  I bit you peace and good luck.  Always remember that you are not alone in Your Visions of Balance.


December 2003

Visions of Balance - Part II

Author:  Kim Larocque


Finally, we received our first dumping of snow.  The kids and I were waiting for the day when we could go out, make snow angels, throw snowballs, shovel and come in and drink some hot chocolate.  How simple is that!  Well it is those simplicities that I have found that make my life wonderful.  The joys I have been feeling these days come from the simplest things:  a snowfall, wrapping Christmas presents, the first bite of a Candy Cane, my kids' excitement at the sight of Santa Claus.  Every day things, that I had once taken for granted, are now coming back to me full force, and bringing me so much warmth, I feel my heart about to burst.


My goal with this weeks article is to try and figure out a way that you can feel the joy I have discovered this Holiday Season, and make it last all year through.  This morning I opened my e-mail and received this message (I get one every morning from  I would like to share it with you:


  "Kim, dearest Kim, "reality" is not that you are weak and dream of becoming strong, poor and dream of becoming rich, alone and dream of having friends, but that you're already strong, rich, and among friends, yet at times, dream that you are not.

 The Universe"


You know.  That is exactly how I have been feeling these past few days.  We may not have much (material wise), we even may struggle at times, however, the richness in spirit I feel comes from deep inside my soul.  It is timeless, like the Christmas song, Silent Night; it brings me to a place of peace.  A place I know we all have nestled somewhere deep inside ourselves.  Like the feeling you would get on Christmas Eve when you knew that Santa was coming.  Yet, I feel it every day. I wish I could pass this feeling onto the whole world.  A dream I have had since I was a little girl.  I know you can feel it with me.  Can you?  I know you can. 


The way to this place of peace is through silence.  Furthermore, it's rediscovering the child within your where everything in the world seems new.  Its taking that leap into the snow and feeling the cold flakes on your face.  Its laughing until your stomach hurts, and crying like a baby.  Its ripping open that present on Christmas morn, and telling someone you hardly know I Love You.  Because we are all connected.  It is "unlearning" everything weve learned growing up, and discovering a new way of being.  Which really isn't new, because you have always been, and will forever be, if you just let yourself live instead of trying to survive.


So this Christmas, please try to just be.  Let yourself be enveloped and taken away by the Spirit of Jesus' birthday, and remember that you are not alone.  Ever!  Wishing you and your family a most memorable Christmas.  Now take care of you.  I Love You.  Kim.

January 2004/Visions of Balance - Part III

Author:  Kim Larocque


As I sit here at my computer wondering what to discuss with you this month, the first idea that comes to mind is New Years resolutions.  However, I have read so many articles, seen so many reports, that I am sure you have been bombarded with the subject too many times this week.  However, I came accross a discussion today that made me think about what I was doing last week:  Spring Cleaning!


Yep...I was spring cleaning in the dead of Winter.  You see ever since I have cleaned out many of the cob-webs of my soul.  I have had no more tolerance for clutter in my home.  I have noticed that the more uneasy, anxious, angry and helpless I feel, the more clutter accumulates in my home.  So, usually, about once a month I write out my feelings in my diary, and clean out my soul.  Not long after that I am at it throwing away old magazines, giving away clothes I have not worn in the past year or two, sending old items to charity etc. etc.  I also find myself changing my living room around, or rearraging my children's bedrooms.  I must say that it feels really good.


You see, my brain is not made to understand organization.  It does not come natural to me and I have to work really hard to keep things in their proper place.  As for my best friend who is the most logical and organized person I know, cannot live in a home where she doesn't know exactly where everything is.  So having her as a friend has helped me find my way through my stuff and keeping it that way, in turn, I have helped her to let go of certain things and stop excessively trying to control everthing in her immediate environment.  I think balance is the key, and that is why we make such a great team.


So if you feel that you cannot find your way through the clutter of your home.  Try finding out why you tend to hang on to things that are no longer needed in your life.  Throw out your old self in order to bring in the new.  Trust me it has really worked for me.

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