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My Visions of Life
Enjoying Valentine's Without the Tears


Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love.  Not only the love between lovers, but to celebrate the love of our friends, our family, including of course our amazing children and ourselves.  There are not many days to celebrate love. Its unfortunate that it isn't a legal holiday, love being the emotion and the spirit that ties us together.   In this page I want to share with you tidbits of things that one can do to celebrate Love!

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Enjoying Valentine's Without the Tears


There are plenty of ways one could spend Valentine's Day.  However, I have noticed in the past that due to an enormous amount of expectations I was always disappointed, especially if I was in a relationship.  Watching TV, Romantic Comedies and reading romance novels in the past, have created in me ideals on how I should be spending this time with my loved one.  Thus, as the day approached, I became quite excited and wondered in anticipation what my boyfriend had planned for such a special day.  What do you think happened?  Thats right! Absolutely nothing.  No bed of roses, no secret rendez-vous, any champagne, nada, nothing zilch.


I have learned over the years that no one is served best than by oneself.  Thats true.  I cannot expect my partner to understand my needs and wants unless I specify them.  True?  We cannot expect others to know what is going on inside our minds if we do not speak up.  Although at this time I am single, and not yet have a date for Valentines Day.  I have decided to fulfill every need I have for this day for myself.  I am going to treat myself like a queen and be my own Valentine!  


If you are in a relationship right now, and even if you are not.  Why not try to spend it your way.  Make a list of things you would like to enjoy on this special occasion and try to make some of those goals a reality.  Do not wait for another to make those dreams come true (although it would be thoughtful) do them for you. Maybe you will have the pleasure to greet your partner in a luxurious, rose petal, candle lit bath.  If not, you can grow old knowing you took the time to do the things dreams are made ofjust for yourself..because you love you..right!


Happy Valentine's Day! Kim Now..where is my Valentine? 


What can I sayvI could just kiss you right now!