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My Visions of Life


"The longest journey is the journey inward." - Dag Hammarkjold

Just go with the flow!
Desert Stream

Time to do some Spring-Cleaning!

 One of the major factors in soul searching is finding what you call your authentic self.  I mean the reason that you have come here to read my thoughts is because you are probably trying to find yourself, and someone, or something led you here.  My first attempt was probably 15 somewhat years ago, when I fell upon the book Living, Loving and Learning by Leo Buscaglia.  He was my first attempt at "unlearning" everything that I had been taught about myself by others who did not wish me well.


So this evening, this day, this morning, I want to help you find yourself by giving you some easy steps to reach that goal.  First, I would like you to have an open mind and to remember that you are who you are because God (or the Universe) created you that way.  Somewhere down the line, you didn't lose that self, you have just forgotten her/him.  So now is the time to sit, relax and remember.


The first thing I suggest is to go back into your past.  Make a time line of your hopes, your dreams, your setbacks, and your accomplishments, all major events that have touched your life.  Once that accomplished, put it aside and only come back to it after the next step.


The next step is a longer process, however, it is very beneficial.  Go to your attic, your basement, or your cupboard and take out everything you have kept on yourself since a child.  You know that old box you have been lugging around for years?  Get it out and start investigating.  What did you love to do?  What did you draw?  What is written in that journal?  Who were your friends?  What really made you want to get up every morning?  Take notes.


Wow!  You have started on a journey of discovery.  The next step consists of meditating on your findings.  Take some time to journal your emotions.  Then start de-cluttering your soul.  Try to forgive old hurts.  Forgive yourself for not finishing school, or for leaving that friend behind. 


This is the time of year to de-clutter your home.  Spring-cleaning your soul is the best way to grow.  So as you de-clutter your home and throw out what is not needed anymore, do the same inside your heart.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  You may do so in my message forum, in my web log or by e-mailing me.  I will come back in a few weeks to continue the process.  I think you have much homework to do now.  Now. Go!  Start cleaning and let me know if it works.


A place to look

When was the last time you really looked inside yourself?  Have you taken a minute, an hour or even a day to think about what you really want in your life? Are you happy? Is your job a task and are you finding fulfillment in all you do? These are the questions I asked myself daily while journalling for the past 25 years.  I thought that I could find happiness when I got the relationship I wanted, the money I thought needed, and all the bills would be paid. Well I must admit that I was wrong.


To find true happiness I had to look deep inside myself and take the necessary steps towards my purpose in life and ultimately my own happiness.  What I discovered was amazing! What I discovered was also very painful, however, as I healed the wounds that had been blocking me all these years, I was able to blossom into a woman.  I met her for the first time this winter and she has be shining since.


If you want to find that person you truly are.  Take time for yourself, slow down, we are all on the same 24hr clock.  Listen to your wants, your dreams, and your passions. No time? Too busy with the kids, your job, and your stressful life.  Make the time, create the time, and you will find the time.  Take off the Band-Aids on your wounds, find a sacred place to be alone, read, write, meditate and heal them. You will see you will shine like the North Star!


Everyone will be heading towards YOU for guidance.  As you are a Star!


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