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My Visions of Life

"Excellence encourages one about life generally;it shows the spiritual wealth of the world." --George Eliot, novelist

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Just clic on the link below and we can begin some interesting discussions.  If you have any questions, or feelings you would like to share, just post your message, and voila! If you are at a loss of inspiration, just peruse the topics suggested below.  Now, is the time to begin communication. 

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Making Dreams Come True

If you had a chance to change your life aroud.  What would you do and how would that affect those around you?  Are you blocked by fear?  Fear of success? Fear of failure? or Fear of abandonment?  The latter is my greatest fear.  Whats yours?

How do you "Think...?"

A friend of mine has taught me a new way of journalling that I have posted on my SOUL SEARCHING page. Its writing in I Think....form.   I must say I find it quite therapudic and addictive.  Please feel free to leave me one of your "Thinks" in the forum, and maybe we can share a little!

Depression hits many of us every year.  The worst time is in the fall and winter.  What should we do?  Do we medicate? Do we seek therapy?  Can we find equilibrium in both?  What role does spirituality play in healing depression?  These are the questions to discuss..So please clic on the button above and share your wisdom.

"Then give to the world the best you have, And the best will come back to you." --Madeline Bridges, poet