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My Visions of Life


Anais Nin on Love


"I dream about an ideal love, and a beloved face which will always be my dream is engraved on my mind.  But I am afraid it doesn't exist, for it is too delicate, too frail, too faint and distant to be real."  The Early Diary 1914-1920


Welcome to my love pages!


I hope you send me your poetry, pictures, anecdotes and short love stories..... I am ready to post them here on my website for everyone to enjoy.  My goal:  To connect people from all over the world, create a community of love and acceptance, and to brighten someone's day.  I need people to do that, so please do not hesitate to drop me a line.  Best wishes to you.




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Some of these graphics come to you courtesy of Moira Graphics.  Click on Teddy to visit her Web Site.  Thank You Moira!


Welcome to the Love Poll.  Please click on the link below and leave your thoughts.  It will be fun and only take you a few minutes. Thank you and God Bless. Now have some fun! Pssst..and tell the whole truth K?


nota bene:  Seing that the Valentine's Vote was so revealing, I made a few changes and added new questions.  Please return as I am going to follow up on this poll once and awhile.  I find results very very interesting!

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A Love Dedication to my Nanny who passed away in June 2002.

Poem:  In Her Gentle Hands by E. Writer

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True Loves Kiss

A Poem By Me!

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Enjoying Valentine's Without the Tears

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"Now is the time to fall in love with yourself....leaving room to embrace another."  Kim Larocque


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