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My Visions of Life

"Taking a new step, uttering a new word

is what people fear most." Erich Fromm


Welcome to the poetry page.  A place for me to share the poems I have written, and also to share the ones you have created.  If you decide to copy paste one of the poems below, please be kind enough to state the authors name.  It would be the honest thing to do.  Feel free to leave your comments in the message forum.  Thank you. 

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Follow, ever follow on,
Cast not your dreams away,
For when your dreams are gone
hope can no longer stay.
Believe, and they will come true.
Create them ever fair,
For your dreams, they are you.
Without dreams nought is there.
Follow them bravely with your heart.
They will not lead you wrong.
Beauty cannot depart
If you to dreams belong.
In that land there comes no woe,
But all around is joy.
Where dreams forever grow
There can nothing destroy.
Walter Westfall for more clickhere

The Healing

Two Thousand and Three is out the door
This is the First day of the New Year
A world at Peace in Two Thousand and Four
Is what all humanity hold very dear

Oh, that all men would make a resolution
Not to fight wars with their fellow man
Instead clean our environment of the pollution
That has spoiled this earth since time began

This New Year my resolution will be
To pray each day that all mankind
Will endeavor to seek justice and equality
And that God will HEAL man's evil mind.

Pauline Lyons Stillman


Love do you know how beautyful you are?

You light up a room like a shining star!

Your soul so deep and warm inside;

Exuding waves of light rippling wide.


A spiritual being in a body for hire;

Passion as bright as a raging fire.

You know that sparkle in your eyes?

Inpires me to reach all the stars in the sky.




In 'Showboat' the nineteen twenty-seven musical
Set on the mighty Mississippi River
A name was chosen for the newborn baby girl
'Kim' was what they decided to call her

An anagram of each State
Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri
It seemed very appropriate
Because she was born on a journey

My friend Kim to whom I write
Quebec, Canada, is where she lives
She has her own beautiful website
Spiritual Life Coaching is what she gives


©Pauline Lyons Stillman


You've Won The Lottery

If I won the lottery
Every day I would spend
Reading books and making pottery
Or writing letters to a friend

My car would not be a Rolls-Royce
Nor would I want a great mansion
If I were given the choice
I would fix mankind's dissension

To every charity I would donate
Checks for those less fortunate
Give thanks to the Master up above
Through Whose deeds of un-ending love

Created this Great Universe
Where there is no place for bigotry
But for all the people to converse
If the day ever dawned that I won the lottery.

Pauline Lyons Stillman

Lessons Learned
Thank you Lord
for holding my hand,
for whispering in the wind,
for loving me.
I no longer feel afraid
to hold a hand,
to whisper in the wind,
to love myself.
I`m ready to emerge
from my shell,
from the past,
from all the pain.
I hold you close
to my soul,
to my heart,
in my my life.
I take with me
the lessons learned,
the memories,
the joys and the truths.
So take my hand,
listen to the wind,
be guided ...and...
be still.
Kim Larocque


Send Me Your Poetry and Short Stories

If you like to write and have poetry you want to share with me, I would love to hear from you.  The poems I am looking for should be uplifting, spiritual, romantic and kind. Short stories should meet the same criteria and be of course short.  If you think your poetry style and story writing match these requirements please send them to me by e-mail.  I will consider you poem to be published with a link to your web site if you have one.   So do not forget to sign your name, and write in subject:   web poems and stories.  Please note that Unknown authors will not be published.