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My Visions of Life
Kim`s Bio

"To become aware of the possibility of the

 search is to be onto something" - Walker Percy


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Kim is a 43 year old woman, full time mom and teacher. 


In 1996 Kim received a Bachelors degree from Concordia University in Montreal in Early Childhood Education.  Going to University at age 25 was an amazing experience for her, one that has opened many doors and windows in her life.  Previously, Kim has worked for 8 years in Insurance, which has given her the opportunity to work with wonderful people who helped along her journey.


Kim has been journaling for 25 years now, and stands by her statement that her diary has been one of her life's best tools.  Her journal has enabled her reach goals, build dreams, heal hurts, find hope, and create wisdom in her life.  


She is also studying spirituality, and has found a life with God, who she believes takes on many forms.  In her journaling, she states that many of us believe in the same God, however we give him different names.  Kim wants to be the change she wants to see in the world, and one of those changes includes tolerance towards all religions, races, and differences among all people that may cause some form of discrimination.


She states: "once,  a single parent, I have experienced discrimination, judgement, and indifference.  I know what it feels to be judged by others, ostracized, and pushed away.  Some people have frowned upon my decision to raise my children at home because it involved practically living in poverty.  However, I do not regret my decision, because my children have love, support, and the security to know that I will always be there for them.  The sacrifice of nice clothes, new shoes, expensive perfume, and the lack of a DVD player are all worth it in the end.  Because now I know exactly where I am heading, and I found the courage to face my dragons and defeat them!"


So as you see, Kim is a courageous spirit ready to share her authentic self with you.


To go where no one has gone before takes courage!
Star trails w/mountains at night
Go and discover the endless possibilities.........