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My Visions of Life

"At this moment, you are in a stage of your developing purpose and YOU ARE NOT off track, no matter how blocked you currently feel." Carol Adrienne The Purpose Of Your Life.


Some may say wishes are silly or childish, however, I believe that they are the basis of prayer, and, in turn, prayer is spirit filled and magical.  If you have a prayer need, or want to make a special wish, please feel free to fill out a prayer request by pressing the Feedback button below. Prayers will begin immediately.  I ask for all readers to come back often and pray for those in need.  You may also want to write your prayer or wish in the message board.  We are a community and together we can make this world a better place.  God is always listening and never leaves a prayer unanswered.  I will be keeping track of the prayers answered and wishes granted, so keep in touch!

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Prayer for Today

By Winifred Brand


Sunset along beach

Lord, give me strength just for today

To do the tasks that come my way,

To say the word, to think the thought

With which real strength of soul is wrought.


Lord, give me courage to resist

The urge to worry and persist

In borrowing from future years

Troubles unknown or futile tears.


Just for today, Lord, let me find

True strength and faith and peace of mind;

And I will for tomorrow pray

When it becomes a new today.



Do you wish the world were better?

Let me tell you what to do.

Set a watch upon your actions,

Keep them always strait and true.

Rid your mind of selfish motives,

Let your thought be clean and high.

You can make a little Eden

 Of the sphere you occupy.


Do you wish the world were wiser?

Well, suppose you make a start,

By accumulating wisdom

In the scrap book of your heart.

Do not waste one page on folly;

Live to learn, and learn to live.

If you want to give men knowledge,

You must get it ere you give.


Do you wish the world were happy?

Then remember day by day.

Just to scatter seeds of kindness.

As you pass along the way.

For the pleasure of the many,

May be ofttimes traced to one,

As the hand that plants the acorn

Shelters armies from the sun.


Ella Wheeler Wilcox
From: Poems of Power, 1901



Dear God,


In times of fear and sorrow,

shine the light on me.

In times of anxiety and panic,

show me I am free.

In times of hurt and pain,

show me the sun after the rain.

In times of desolation,

show me some consolation...


Thank you GOD for these obstacles,

because they make me strong.



"Live from the soul level if you expect other people to believe that you are connected to God, for when they see that you are, they will believe it of themselves as well" Deepak Chopra speaking of Jesus parables in the fifth book of Matthew.