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My Visions of Life
Love Poems from the Heart


This is the page where I put your Valentine's poems.  I go out there and recruit a few poets since many of you are too shy to send me your work of art.  Here some of my favourites that I have found surfing.  Please note that I have the authors permission to publish these and you may find a link to their website when you click on their names.  Merci Beaucoup to all writers everywhere.

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 In Your Eyes


In your eyes I see,
The depths of eternity,
The beauty of being,
The darkness fleeing;

The wonder of it all,
The teardrops that fall,
The reason to be alive,
The hope on which I thrive;

The light in your eyes,
The joy love implies,
The glory from above,
The essence of all I love.


 Soul Mates

In this world of woe and death,
Where no one knows their last breath,
Where pain and sorrow reign,
Can two souls true love attain?

Out of all the multitudes on earth,
Are true soul mates destined at birth?
The chances it seems are quite remote,
And yet soul mates we do often note.

Maybe in the scheme of things it is writ,
That kindred souls should together be knit.
Perhaps there is some divine power ever,
That brings the hearts of soul mates together

©Walter Westfall